Trekking route


Trekking route


Departure:Loggia Comunale di Levanto 
Lengthabout 11 km
Travel time3 - 4 hours Segnavia CAI : 570-573-591-SVA


A round trip route starting from Levanto which allows to have unusual and suggestive views arriving to Sella Bagari. This is the pass situated at 361 meters above sea level, which separates the valley of Levanto from that of Monterosso. From here we will continue to Punta Mesco, end of the homonymous promontory which offers an incredible view on the coast. The route ends then on the seafront of Levanto.

useful tips

It's important to wear hiking shoes and to carry water supplies. In the warmer months or on sunny days, bring with you a hat shelter your head.

the trail


From the Loggia Comunale of Levanto you advance until you take via Prealba and proceed uphill.
After a few meters, turn left towards the Clock Tower and from here, proceed along the path 570-573 on the right side. Turning from time to time, you will be able to admire an unusual view of Levanto and its valley.
Once arrived at the junction, proceed in the direction of "Via Sopramare" along a rather steep uphill stretch. We reach some houses and the path proceeds through olive groves and cultivated terraces.


The path becomes more rocky as you go up until you reach Sella di Bagari. You are now in the heart of the saddle and from this point you can observe from above the valley of Levanto and the coast of Cinque Terre. Following the indications for Punta Mesco, you proceed along the path 591. After about 30 minutes of walking you arrive at the so called "traffic light" of Punta Mesco, meeting point of different paths and really breathtaking panoramic point. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


At this point, before returning to Levanto, it is advisable to make a short detour to the Hermitage of Sant'Antonio, where some ruins dating back to the 13th century rest in the shade of the trees.
Si ritorna quindi al “semaforo” e si prosegue lungo il sentiero SVA che conduce a Levanto.

The suggestive view of the sea will accompany most of the route. After passing the farm Case Lovara, today managed by FAI, you will advance through wooded and rocky scenery, until you reach the holm-oak wood that precedes the arrival in Levanto. Coming out of the wood, near Giada del Mesco Hotel/Restaurant, you will meet the carriageable road that you will have to follow for a short stretch until you get back to the path situated on the left side. In this way it will be possible to reach the Castle of Levanto and a downhill staircase will lead to the seafront.